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Fun Wine Pairing for the Rio Olympics

TASTEnPAIR will be sipping cheerful glasses of frizzy red Lambrusco for the next two weeks!

Why pair red Lambrusco with the Olympics?

🍷It’s served chilled, very summer appropriate and a particularly fun shift from the quintessential white and rosé pours.

🍷It’s tannic, fruit-driven and has firm flavors that stand up to the athleticism and excitement of the high-energy games.

🍷It’s frothy and frizzante with just the right amount of celebratory bubbles as you cheer for your country and favorite Olympians.


To start, I picked up two bottles of quality Lambrusco – both are dry (11% abv.), deliver substantive red berries and spice notes while exhibiting noticeable balsamic quality.

Villa Castellazzo has softer tannins and a bit more residual sugar; I find it an excellent wine to enjoy on its own.

Vigneto Saetti is drier, a bit more tannic than Villa Castellazzo and pairs deliciously with saucy pasta dishes.

Although I have only seen larger wine stores carry Lambrusco, these wines are really enjoyable and worth seeking out.  Go Rio – Santé!

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